Since I’ve now outed myself on facebook as a blogger, I thought I would write a little something here to tell you both about myself [in case you’ve stumbled here from further shores than my facebook page], and about the blog I have decided to create.

Firstly – Hello! I am Virginia, or Ginny to most people. I’m 20 and in my final year of studying for a degree in English and History at the University of Southampton. When I’m not there, I’m back at home in Shoreham-By-Sea – “near Brighton”, to most of you! Being perfectly honest, I decided to write this blog at the precise moment when I discovered that my boyfriend [who shall be known as Chem], was writing one in secret. As an English student and someone who enjoys writing, I felt caught out and somehow embarrassed that I hadn’t undertaken such an endeavour for myself. The problem is, I enjoy writing, but rarely write things down [or at least take a lot of motivation to do so]. And a blog written mutely in my head, or consisting solely of incomprehensible spider-diagrams of ideas occasionally jotted down, isn’t really much fun for anyone. It’s taken me rather a long time to actually commit myself to starting this, but now that I have, I hope I will stick to it.

My tagline “Dear Ladies” will hopefully give you some clue as to my interest in feminism, but was actually prompted by a comment from Chem [sorry, I promise I won’t keep mentioning him!], reminding me that I do write lots of things down, in emails to my friends R and J. Our emails traditionally begin Dear Ladies, so it seemed appealing, and I guess comforting, to continue writing under its heading. I should of course point out that any gentlemen are more than welcome!

The final thing I feel I should address here is why I chose the name ZellaMalendah. Firstly it’s because it sounds more exciting than my own name or anything else I could think of! Secondly it showed up no results on google, which appealed to me as being something original. The name is not originally mine at all, but is the name of my great-great Grandmother, Zella Malendah Wootton, who was born in 1881. To me, it encompasses not only my interest in history, but a history that is viewed from a female, perhaps maternal perspective – something akin to Virginia Woolf’s idea that “a woman writing thinks back through her mothers.

One Response to “About”

  1. awriterofhistory May 7, 2012 at 11:03 pm #

    Love the Dear Ladies title, Ginny. And I’m glad you found my blog. I’m a writer – unpublished as yet, but hopefully that’s a mere detail – and my blog, along with the survey on historical fiction is my attempt to connect with and understand the historical fiction community. If you are a feminist or interested in feminism, you might be interested in a post I did on another blog called Babes on Bay Street (Toronto financial and banking district). I wrote it as a letter to my daughter. You can find it at http://babesonbaystreet.com/2012/03/23/letter-to-my-daughter/ . All best and I hope to hear from you again 🙂

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