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“My blog needs YOU!” – not exactly Lord Kitchener, but hey…

28 Oct

Some of you may be glad to know I have no long spiel prepared for you today – instead I am going to ask you to write something for me! Since I have now been writing zellamalenda for a whole entire month, I am hoping you will all have formed an opinion as to what you like, and what you don’t like, about the site. I would be extraordinarily grateful if you could take a few minutes to send me a line or two with your thoughts! Feel free to comment below this post, message me on facebook, text me, ring me, bbm me, write me a letter, send me a fax/telegram/pigeon post, or perhaps anonymously collate a message from newspaper clippings and slip it through my letterbox, if you so wish…

This brings me to my next point, dear reader – WHO are you? My site stats tell me my post yesterday attracted 21 views, but only about half of that number have confessed to reading! Please do feel free to come out of hiding!

It may interest some of you to know that wordpress has a subscribe/follow option: basically if you click the link which should appear somewhere on this page [I can’t see it as it’s my own blog unfortunately, but I know it is there as I have one loyal follower so far! Thank you Clev! I’m considering issuing you a first-follower certificate in recognition], you will be updated via email each time I publish a new post. This may be handy for some viewers [cough Mother cough] who are not in the habit of checking facebook regularly, and so find the links get a bit lost on my page. In addition to this, I was thinking of creating a facebook page for zellamalendah, so I can post links to updates only to those who are actually interested, rather than spamming my entire friends list. I could also post mini-updates in between blogs to keep everyone posted on what I’m working on and upcoming ideas. Does anyone think this is a good idea/would actually “Like” the page if I made one?

Planning out ideas...

Another feature some of you may not be aware of is the “About” page – if you scroll to the top of the page (above the zellamalendah title) you will see two tabs; the second one is “About,” and as the name suggests it tells you a little bit about this blog and why I’m writing it!

I’ve really enjoyed writing this so far and I wish I’d started in the summer; I have so much to say and so little time to write! Obviously my last post was quite long – would you prefer me to write little and often, or save myself up for big posts like the ones on Barbie? And don’t worry, I do have lots of other stuff besides Barbie to talk about! I would like to especially commend Cadet [I can’t remember if I’ve already given you a name; if not, here it is!] for sending me links to lots of interesting articles and topics for discussion – if anyone else has an idea for a post please feel free to let me know! Does anyone have an opinion as to whether I should stick to feminist/gender posts or branch out into other areas? I am extremely happy to accept any ideas for topics [not that I’m exactly running out myself!], and also if anyone would consider writing a guest article then I would be thrilled! It would be great to get responses from you lot about what I’ve written, or writing on completely different topics that I may have no idea of!

I’ll conclude by expressing the hope that you are all enjoying what I have written so far, or are at the least finding improvement with each post – even if they haven’t reached a level of actual enjoy-ability quite yet!