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The Vagenda: it’s very good.

24 Feb

For those readers who share my interest in gender and feminism, or at the very least possess a functioning brain cell – I discovered this blog today, and I think you might like it.

Firstly, it’s highly amusing,  and secondly, it made me think “thank god, someone feels exactly the same way as I do about Cosmo.”

This article provides some really interesting background info on the site, and I particularly liked this summary of the authors’ approaches:

The Vagenda isn’t offering feminism-lite or the much-mocked “fun feminism” (where empowerment can mean little more than Sex and the City-style consumption); the site also carries articles about domestic violence. This is fighting feminism where the weapon is satirical wit.

The Vagenda

[Image shamelessly stolen from Vagenda post]

P.s the observant among you will have discovered that the appearance of this blog has changed – this was due to a suggestion by Mother that a list of my previous articles to the side would be very helpful [and unfortunately my old design template didn’t have the functionality for that].

May I draw your attention not only to the new “Blogroll” section [I haven’t figured out how to change the name of this to something cool, yet], where The Vagenda resides. You will also find there a link to Olivercooperwrites, which I hope you will enjoy with equal pleasure.

There’s also several new fancy features like a “tag cloud” where you can click on a topic and internet magic will take you to everything I have written and “tagged” as relating to it. Oh, there’s also a “Follow Me!” button, if you feel like it 😉